You can have a home or business with a stunning interior with Lorraine's help. Read the following testimonials about Elite Interior Designs LLC for an idea about the creativity and quality of her work.

Design Statement

"With Elite Interior Design, I'm part of the creative process. So not only is my interior design unique, it's also uniquely me. The end result is not merely a design statement, but a reflection of my identity - from the things that I like, to the way I want my friends and family to feel."

— Lydia J., Atlanta, GA

Lorraine's Creativity

"The work of Lorraine Rawlins was truly wonderful. Her imagination and creativity in blending colors and features were a great help to us in seeing a marvelous finished product. Her communication and coordination of details were greatly appreciated. Lorraine was a delight to work with."

— Lovella M., Baytown, TX